Football Polls — 11 November 2015

Louisville currently sits 3rd in the ACC behind only Clemson and Florida State. There is a great chance that we should we riding high in 1st right now if we capitalized against Clemson, but hey John Wallace no one is perfect. It’s been a year of fans asking, “Bolin or Jackson? Where are the points?” Let’s break it down for you and help settle the debate between the two talented quarterbacks.

First, we’ll break down QB efficiency… Jackson comes in with a passer rating of 126.3 while Bolin sits with a 142.8 rating. So, looking at this you might say, “This settles the debate. Bolin is clearly the better QB.” Wrong. Lamar Jackson leads the team with 484 rushing yards! Bolin on the other hand has -57 rushing yards. Yes, -57 you read that right. He might not be the fastest guy on the team, but Bolin is in fact the most accurate QB with accuracy of 61.5%. Jackson is close behind with a percentage of 57.9%. For now we’ll go ahead and give the more accurate, better, effective QB award to Bolin… But just wait.

Going back on the note of Bolin’s -57 rushing yards most of them are sacks he took. Lamar Jackson has 484 rushing yards compared to -57… That’s a huge difference! I think Bolin gets the team pumped up and excited in huddle more than Jackson. The O-Line played a near flawless game against ‘Cuse while Bolin was under center. Also, Bolin understands the offense more after being on the team for 3 years (redshirted one year).

Going back to the question to, “Who is the best QB for Louisville to have play QB?” I think even though Bolin possesses so many postives Jackson provides more strengths. In my opinion we beat Clemson with Jackson because of his ability to run. We never established a running game at all versus Clemson. In fact, Louisville finished with 19 rushing yards on 28 carries. Clemson on the other hand, finished with a staggering 202 years on 40 carries.  5.1 average for Clemson and 0.7 average for Louisville. I don’t know about you, but in 1st grade I learned that 5.1 was greater than 0.7 by a lot…

I think that Louisville is in great hands with Bolin at center, but if Virginia takes away the running game against us we must put in Lamar… I mean just check out this TD run!

Lamar did enough for us to win down at Florida State the defense just didn’t show up. We have a freshman quarterback that leads the team in rushing yards and passing yards… Just think about that. Not to mention we’ll have ESPN150 QB Jawon Pass next year.

DieHardCard Verdict: Jackson > Bolin (But it’s VERY close)

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