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This player ran back a kickoff for a touchdown against #11 Clemson.
Who led the Louisville Cardinals in rushing yards in the 2015-2016 season?
Which player led the Cardinals in receptions?
This player led Louisville Baseball in batting average this past season.

This player had the a team best ERA of 1.38... (Min. 10 IP)
Who led the Cardinals in PPG (Points per Game)?
Who led the Cardinals in APG (Assists per Game)?
Which team did Louisville Baseball beat to advance to the 2016 NCAA Super Regional?
This Louisville Women's Volleyball player led the team in assists.
Who led the Cardinals in Sacks?

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1. Chad brady-100%
2. Erick Sakaguchi-100%
3. Noah-100%
4. Sean Thomas-100%
5. Chris-90%


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